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Philips / Norelco SensoTouch Jet Clean Station Mod / Repair fault RQ-1095

when using cheaper cleaning solution or after 2 years the measuring contacts have scale the elevator can not detect the lower stop point, will drive to bottom and the circuit measures more milliamps on the motor and drive back, the measuring contacts are behind plastic so you cannot brush it when its coated with scale,so the mod will use a little switch to bypass the contacts

Product Review: Philips Philishave Arcitec RQ1095

This product and replacement blades are now available at Kwai Chi's Online store at http://astore.amazon.co.uk/kwaichisworld-21/detail/B000RMAACE

Kwai Chi gives a frank review of the Philips Philishave Arcitec RQ1095. Philishave is known as Norelco in the USA. For more information on the product go to the manufacturer's website http://www.consumer.philips.com

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티피오스 더맨102 vs 필립스 arcitec RQ1095 전기면도기 비교 사용후기

티피오스 더맨102 vs 필립스 arcitec RQ1095 전기면도기 비교 사용후기
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